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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Writers Works Are More Than Formulas

When I write a poem (although I am not a poet) or a short story, an article or a new book there is always awareness in me of the human spirits working with my own decisions and fostering creativity.  Computers and writing processes formulate and add value for rule consistency and educated factual input from various sources.  I believe the “human” factor is crucial to the production of any valid work of writing that lasts and values over time.

Artists in various arenas portray serious amounts of emotional knowledge and sensitivity producing serious forms of work that exhibit other skills.  The intentions of crafted mages to show certain human based spiritual communicated and created reflections and potentials of life are found in most art forms, including written works. Various forms and styles of writing can be strictly educated, historical, experimental, or individualized as writers that choose to work from what is known and most comfortable, are productive and expressively communicated effectively.

Writers’ works are more than formulas. Most forms of human beings have capabilities and skills that may be cultivated to differing outcomes for the individual traits and decisions of each person. However, writers have special obligations due to chosen art form and writing product formats to determine if their works will contribute directly to an informative present progress of the human condition, or if creative impetus will leave imaginative trails of words in works from authors that might influence futures as yet undetermined by human kind.

My own work spans both fiction and non-fiction I have produced over the last twenty-five years under both my pen name and my birth name. (I have finally decided to combine both names and publish some of my future works under Kimberly A. McKenzie-Klemm. As a writer and author it is important to me that continuation alive on the Earth is finalized with some sort of possibility left that my written contributions might continue past the time allowed for human traits of my own forwarding in time some sort of planetary eternity left behind when I cease to be alive.

The question of inspiration versus formulation in writings is often the subject of writers’ and readers’ debates involved in and read.  Qualifications of such questions of differentiations in writings from authors can be listed, sorted and measured- but the actual determination of inspired writings, to my mind, comes from the connections the writer’s written words create and open (divine or human) within the reader and the possibilities that realize from the interactive ideas in the actual physical world realms.

We do not go on forever and some people are certain of life-type following death.  Writers are interesting breeds of species, finding propitiation and legacy within the pages of our works, not just by the propagation of furtherance in human being future existence levels. Formulas can be reconfigured and re-drawn for better knowledge application to end intentions, but written works carry creative possibilities that can disappear with the authors if words are not kept.

 -Kimberly A. McKenzie-Klemm



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4.  Insulated shipping containers are a type of packaging used to ship temperature sensitive products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.  In The Rest Room, non-traditional shipping methods are at the heart of puzzleing circumstances for the three main characters: Kervila, Optin, and Henry. 

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