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Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Unusual Holidays"

My Google platform has been erased due to identity fraud. This is catastrophic but the honesty of identity in my writer is not sacrosanct in what is available to readers and the writing that cannot yet be accessed. All writing from a writer is not sacred to a writer who is honest. The hardest adaptation for me at this point is to content myself with the limited usefulness of my writing to readers.

I have often heard that career professionals should take vacations for mental sanity. As a technical writer, for income over eleven years, I have understood the harshness of vacations comes down to environment changes take money that does not lose every other investment and personal value as well.

These problems have occurred in my personal life over the last months since Halloween.  Due to the fact that my Holidays have been irrevocably interrupted with problems of establishing (in writer’s vernacular): persona, setting, and continuity of story line- I have found that “truth is stranger than fiction” is NOT a writer’s best asset.  When we distinguish between reality and fiction, writers and readers alike have to de3termine that they only live in the here and now or that there are futures probable. Holiday Seasons determine our celebrations for the year or time behind and the possibilities ahead. On a personal level, when my Holiday Season (Halloween through New Year’s) is this thoroughly disturbed by life’s current answers in the present day I am disrupted in living continuity that demands too much to maintain my current viability and degrades contributions.

I believe contributions as writers can create a broader impact than a writer’s personal levels of living. However, I also believe that we defeat the potential of writing to contribute to society and personal understandings when writers are used for words and writer’s lives are devalued. Dictating opinions make or break the reality of a writer’s life is sacrilegious. As a writer, I have always depended on an educated (enough public) to understand that the fiction and factual documents and articles I author are not written for popularity, but for the decision of any readers to carry forward their own decisions that may or may not gain in some way from my written contributions.

I have found that my identity as a writer is not personal in celebrations of Holidays or only sustained by platforms online that allow distributions. On the other hand, personal life abdication or revocation is not indicative of a writer survives well enough to continue forward in readers that maintain writing proffers human value for others that cannot access the writer’s  words. Written words come from some sort of base of knowledge and integration. Without reality defined by the original sources of creation for each written communication, and from the standpoint elimination that words are sourced and given by the point of cohesive communication, I believe that theft of human identity becomes an erasure of traditions and solidations that even Holidays are observed to maintain.

 -Kimberlhy Annne McKenzie-Klemm


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