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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Main Character of The Rest Room Introduces Herself

Kervila, the main character of The Rest Room

(available at:

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and STILL the main character in The Dream of Keriye (publishing at the first part of next year) would like a word with my readers. Please see her words below………

                                                                                 -Kimberly A. McKenzie


“Hi there. I guess we might have met, but I am not sure I remember you. My name is Kervila Cramer and I live in Hale, South Carolina. I have just been through some of the craziest coincidences that I have ever encountered. There was this journalist, or some sort of writer, that asked for a job I had posted on-line and he had the nerve to tell me that I had to pay him when the job fell through. I laughed and sent him away, but he came back later.  I think he might have been homeless.

My dating life is rather sparse, as I own my own business, Tri-Out, selling medical supplies and hard to get items to clients overseas. I have not found many men that appeal to me without complications. I know I am not unattractive. My physical description would read like a magazine ad: Blonde, 6” 5”, willowy, and not afraid to wear high heels. In The Rest Room I ran into this gorgeous dark-haired, dusky skinned foreigner, but he wanted to play and I take myself seriously. I have no idea why he thought I would be easy to win. I spent some time at the Motel Min with the writer (whatever) and the foreign stranger, but in the end he went home. I did not need him anyway.

My secretary, Lea, is deaf but she might as well be blind. I keep her around to help out.  I never can understand what she is trying to tell me unless she writes it down. At the end of all of the crazy issues, the foreigner was shot at, Lea’s house was bombed, and I have no idea if the journalist or writer stayed in Hale or not. Now I am sitting in a hospital in Clemont, South Carolina trying to recover from amnesia and wondering how I came here. If I can remember this much, I must be doing very well.  These events have made me wonder if Tri-Out is in trouble.

You can read all about what brought me here in The Rest Room, but to catch up to where I am you will have to read further, once my story is available, in The Dream of Keriye. Really, do we know one another? I find it tiresome to inquire twice, but…I need to find my bearings. You can understand that if someone in Clemont will find a way to talk to me politely about what is up ahead …possibly I could recover from the feeling that the dangers have not passed.”


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The Rest Room Fact Sheet

1.  The Rest Room is Room 223 at the Motel Min.

2. Hale, South Carolina in The Rest Room is named after Nathan Hale- a soldier in the Continental Army during the Revolutionarly War.

3.  There are many types of shipping containers: intermodal freight, corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, crates, intermediate bulk, bulk boxes, drums and insulated shipping containers.

4.  Insulated shipping containers are a type of packaging used to ship temperature sensitive products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.  In The Rest Room, non-traditional shipping methods are at the heart of puzzeling circumstances for the three main characters: Kervila, Optin, and Henry. 

Look for the sequel to The Rest Room.  The Dream of Keriye will follow with Kervila's journey to find the truth among a web of intricate coincidences. 

by Kimberly A. McKenzie

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Kimberly A. McKeznie resides in Charleston, SC and has been a writer/author for 20 years.  She is divorced and lives with her two cats: Hailey Commet and Phelecia Providence. The Rest Room is her first published novel. 

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